Attention, I like this word, because it explains a lot of doubts I had before.

I know some people who act in the way that I didn't have clue why, especially those girls who like acting a lot. They act like they are weak, they made some stories, they like to be a butterfly........And then, one day, I learned "it's because they need attention"...... Since that day, I fall in love with this word, because it did help to explain a lot of things I don't understand.

A lot of time, people ask for attention. Attention from boss at work, so the boss could see how great you are and give you better salary. Attention from family, so you feel loved. Attention from friends, so you feel belongness. Attention from people your love, so you are able to love him/her back.

I think no body likes to be alone all the time, we all need some attention. Not really in a annoying way, but somehow, we need it to prove that we are alive.


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