People say women are made by water, and it also means they cry a lot, so you gotta protect them. However, men mostly hate to see women cry!

My ex hate to see me cry, especially when I cried or mad, I don't talk. I guess it's quite normal for Asian to stay silence, and me, I was a very particlur case because I was totally that type person! And the worest is that my ex is a foreigner who prefers to talk. Of course, culture differences casued a lot of fights in this relationship, and what I learned from this relationship is that my English was improved via fighting. Ha...he hated me a lot when I don't talk, and God knows that I don't really talk a lot when I can speak my mother language, so he shouldn't expect me to talk more when it comes to English! Therefore, when we fought, I just blocked myself and he would be so pissed off, or when I cried, he hated me more by not telling why! We had this period that both of us couldn't understand what the others' want, and then by a teacher's assisted/consulted, we started to know what we should do when it comes to this kinda situation. It's all because he didn't Asian way, and I don't want to fit in his foreign way! However, one thing he would never learn before we broke up is how to comfort your girlfriend when she cries!

He was (I don't know if he is btter "was") such a terrible person when he saw me cry. To be honest, it's just so damn easy to comfort girl by hugging her tight and bringing her tissues, but he just never thought of doing any of these. Instead, he looked at you and forced you to say what's going on, and wipe you tears with his FINGERS and then DRY his FINGERS on YOUR CLOTHES!! Damn, what the fuck is going on with you??? Are you too poor to use a god damn tissue?? And God, you can dry your hands with tissue after you wash your hands, and why cannot you get yourself some tissue after wipping away my tears!! Seriously, you are so00000000 weirdo!

Anyways, that's long time ago and I should give him a break now!

Here, I just would like to say, when guys see your girlfriends crying, please just stay quiet without forcing her to speak it out, and hug her tight for couple minutes till she calmed down a little bit. And then, asks her gently why she is crying! Of course, please prepare some tissuess....or if you use your fingers, don't dry your fingers on her clothes. Thank you very much!!


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