The job I have right now makes me have a strange feeling today!

During 2008, they have around 150 customers and some of them are new customers. I spent about 6 days to establish a customer list, re-arrange their files, send the surveillance about our peformance, and pack the notebook to send to every customer. I work over hours every single day, from 8:30am till 7 something in the evening. And we only have one hour break in the noon, but usually we only take about 30 min break.

Now, more and more works come to me, mostly because they don't have a good system to organize everything. Not only I have study every case carefully from the beginning, I also have to try to understand every customer's requirement. And what's worse is that I also need to take care of new customers. In average, there are two~three new enquiries each day.

Perhaps, because Chinese New Year is coming this week, and the person who used to work in my position is leaving the company this weekend, I feel a lot more preasure now. And the new employee just did not show up yet to cover some cases for me. At the same time, I need to digest all the information in a very short time. And I feel like my brain is kinda overloaded!

Today, I have about 10 e-mails needed me to reply, and I got another 5 e-mails from the other girl. I spent some time to study them and tried to reply them in short time. On the other hand, I got a complicated case need to read it over, and be prepare to arrange the samples. All the sudden, I got this feeling for the very first time that "I cannot take it any more", and I want so bad to ask for help. It is a weird feeling because since I started to work, I never really have this kinda feeling!

All I can comfort myself now is that after 3 days, I will have 9 days vacation. And then, I will go back to solve my problem!!


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