To care about your family, you are not only care about their feeling, healthy, everything but also you should share and enjoy things together. Sharing, for me, in Taiwan's culture is very important. Sometimes, you go out and find some good food, you would buy some and bring them home to share with your family because you want them to feel the "happiness" as you enjoyed the food. You sometimes buy gifts because those gifts make you think about them and that's maybe the way you show them your careness. Of course, these gifts don't have to cost a lot but the point is, it shows that you miss them and you care about them.

For example:
A lot of time, my nephews and niece told me he likes a lot the animal cake I bought him the other day so whenever I see someone is selling them, I would usually buy some for them.
When I took a walk with my mom outside after dinner, we found some breads that look delicious, we would buy some more to bring back and share with everyone, or just buy each one a bread as next day's breakfast.
When my mom goes to outdoor market, she would remember to buy some food that we love to eat.
When my sister-in-law goes to visit other places, she would remember to bring the special food back to share with us. 

That's the sharing we do and we do that from time to time, but we never buy things that we couldn't afford. It's just some little things we'd like to share with everyone in our family.


However, here.......maybe it's because everything is so expensive, I don't find this sharing a lot. It seems that everybody tends to enjoy with their own friends more than they enjoy with their own family. Or maybe it's just special case in my hubby's family now. Which I have no idea.
For sure, I am not used to the way here and at the same time, I feel a bit relif that I don't need to do that much, but for sure, there is a bit of guilty in the bottom of my heart. Even with our roommate, we never really share food together. He eats by himself when he wanna eat and we eat by ourselves when we wanna eat. It's weird but it is how it is. I somehow really hope that in the future, when we have kids, thing will not be like this because no matter what, family is still very important to me and it's more important than friends, of course, even though I will never try to change the way my hubby getting along with his family.

Well....I guess I just miss my family too much!!


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