They called this culture difference......

Have you ever said to your parents that you love them?? Me, I don't think I did it before so people asked me why....Well, I don't know why but I would feel bizard if I say that to my parents tho. Yes, most of Asians do not do that and why, maybe because they are shy, maybe because they never did that before!!

Yes, it may be because of culture difference!!

But it also depends on the family. Like my cousin's family, they hug each other since they were kids so they got used to it even they are much older now. Maybe they would feel a bit shy to do that in public but still, they feel more comfortable to do that than others.

Also, I think society is one of the reason because when you grow older, you would be afraid of being laughed by friends, or you feel shy to do that in public, so you won't say I love you to your parents or you won't hug your family any more. However, it's always okay to see an adult to hug a little kid.

I do not why I don't say I love you to my parents but for sure, it will be weird for them if I say so!! Is it a good thing to say that all the time like my husband does always?? He said....what if I am not there tomorrow?? you will feel sorry that you didn't say "I love you" to me. Therefore, we have to say that to each other every single day.

I think for my family, we don't say "love" or talk about "love" that much but we prefer to make some actions, like being nice or helping out something with each other. That's the way we show our love!!

No matter what, I will make sure that I will hug my mom when I see her next time!! :)


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