Happy New Year, Taiwan....You are 100 years old!!!

This year, I am not in Taiwan, I am in Montreal, Canada. It's a pity that I didn't celebrate Taiwan's 100 years old because it's really such a special day for all Taiwanese.

It's also a very complicated thing for me to stay in Montreal, Canada. To be honest, thing seemed happen pretty fast and I don't really remember why it turned out to be like this. Here, I am all nervous to wait for the result. Of course, it won't look good but I hope something could be changed in this brand new year, a new thing!!

I met new friend here. She is from Peru and her name is Sandra. She immigrated to Montreal couple years ago and the reason I like her is because she is pretty nice to me. At least, she tried to include me in the group. Maybe it's because we are all foreigners, we learned that we shall always take care of each other if possible. It's like what happened when we were in USA tho. What we have there is friends, family is not around so we always have to look after each, no matter what. It's a kinda support you really need when you are out of country, far from your family. And what more interesting is that it's kinda unspoken consensus.

Happy New Year, everybody....
Hope it is a very nice year for everybody!!


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