I felt so tired this morning because I'd a bad dream last night. Most of time, I don't like to dream because dreaming only makes me more tired after waking up.

Anyways, the dream was about I was so pissed so I smashed things in my room, threw everything around me to the ground and I tried to scream but it seemed that I lost my voice. The dream was so real and I did feel like my hands did do some hard work on smashing things. But I also felt frustrated because I couldn't scream, my voice couldn't come out of my throat. It's kinda painful.

To be honest, I never had dream like this before. I translated this dream as "because I was stressed out a lot at work recently, a lot of things are not fair enought for me...why I am doing everybody's work and others could just say no for what they are supposed to do."

..............I have to learn to say no.


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