Life is so complicated because oue emotion could be affected by many things. When you stop having feelings toward something, you will consider that you are numb. It's kinda empty when you feel numb, but it's probably the best way to make your life easier.

Sometimes, we might complain some people have low understanding ability, so you have to spend more time to explain to them. However, to look from the other side, maybe that's part of the reason why they can be a bit happier in other times. To be sensitive cannot be considered as a good thing or bad thing, because not everything can be judged with the same standard.

I think I am a sensitive person. For me, it's not always a good thing. It's good because I could understand what people feel easily. It's not good because I care about how people feel too much. Thus, once in a while, when I feel numb, I feel it's a good thing for me, because I won't hurt myself too much. But I know very well that it's always a bad thing which made me numb.

And yes, I feel numb right now, I feel I lose all of my emotions. Nothing could really make me happy, laugh, smile, or angry. And even you see me do those, that's definately not from inside of me. Instead, it's a feeling of giving up; giving up responding, giving up reacting, giving up feeling, giving up everything. It's totally numb and seems that I've abandoned this world. However, what's behind this is definately sadness.

I am sure that it will take me a while to become sensitive again. Maybe a long long time; maybe some miracle could help me get out of it in a very short, a magical powder...spread on me and then the next second, I know how to smile from the bottom of my heart again.


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