Strangely, I spent some time seeing wedding dress on TV show, and somehow, I did try to figure out what kinda I wanna wear. To see the special wedding photo albums from some couples I have known, I learned it seems to be something every couple shall do in Taiwan's culture. And I know how much effort you need to put when you take those photos, because my two older brothers all got married, and it all took them days to find a proper wedding shop, go shoot the photos, select photos, blah blah blah...a lot of works to do. And sure, they all cost not small money.

Except photos, there are a lot of customs needed to be followed. And every area, or even every family does have some different customs to believe in. Normally, groom needs to prepare an amount of money for bride's family, so that they could purchase some "cookies/cakes" to send to their relatives for announcing that their daughter is getting married. And a lot, a lot, a lot of details need to be done.....

As what I just mentioned, even every family has different customs (in general, it's almost the same, but still have some different parts), and because of it, it may have high chances to cause conflict. The worst case is that it ends up, they cancel the wedding, and no one is getting married. Others, might just get into some fights, but the wedding still carry on after compromising. Of course, wherever there are people, there are conflicts because different personalities and perspectives. I've seen some people who have stronger personality (which usually like to be the winning part) cause some unnecessary, or even ugly situations.

Long time ago, I went to my junior high school teacher's wedding. Just right after I walked into bride's preparation room, I heard the father of bride complaining the number of the potted flower in the front gate isn't enough, because groom's potted flower is more than bride's. ( What the....! ) Today, my cousin's engagement party, her tears almost came out because every sign the guest book in the wrong page. She wanted her relatives sign in the page in golden color, and groom's family sign in the page in red color. (How the hell we know?! And is that really matter??) Behind these things, there are still so many conflicts, or unpleasant things, when they discuss how to hold the wedding......such as, how much money the groom should pay, how many cakes they should buy, what's kinda dress they should wear, how many sets of photos they should purchaes, where they should go to the honeymoon, which date they should get married, how to make a guest list, who they should invite, how to decorate, what are the dishes, where the wedding should take place....blah blah blah blah...

Sure, getting married is a very importanting thing in our life, coz we all expect it only happens once, and we want it to be the most special & outstanding one. Hence, to make it perfect, we always have pressure, and when it comes to pressure, there is this nerve system to cause bad temper.

Me, grew up from a Taiwanese culture, have two older brother got married by following Taiwanese traditions, don't really think it's a very necessary to obey. Instead, simple is the best option for me. No big wedding, no humbers of wedding dress, no everybody should come, no separate parties (engagement and wedding), no need money issue need to be argued about, no big ass photo, no, no, and no. I believe wedding is just a wedding, you don't have to make it in a very huge issue, because what more important is the life after wedding. Thus, minimize the cost, have a small cozy party with only close relatives, and friends come by to have a buffet, and share a big cake outdoor is good enough for me. Photo album? Seriousely, how often you watch those photos?! Why not just get somebody to help to take some photos during the party, and get every guest into the photos is better than giving only "groom and bride's photo" to guests.

Anyways, I hate it a lot when people come and ask me "when it's your turn to get married", because how the hell I know?! If I can answer that question, you should receive my invitation already. To be kinda tricky, I don't really feel like inviting anybody, but my own family if I get married one day, because for me, my family is the most matter for me. It means so much more for me to let them see me to marry a man. It's certainly the best bless I will ever get.

My mom told me yesterday, whoever marry my daughter, he will be very happy, because our family is very easy-going, and we don't ask much, but giving the best bless. I was laughing a lot because the reason she said so is because she heard too much from my aunt complained about my cousin's wedding. And another thing is, she doesn't have clue yet that her daughter asks much less than she could expect. I even thought of "no announcement"....hahaha....just get married secretly!


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