I have two plus one nephews (the plus one is now presently in his mom's belly), and one niece. Their mothers, and my mom are very good at buying clothes for them. Oftenly, they found some clothes they never wore in the closet, and it's too small to wear, so they pass them to the younger one. But there are still chances to find no younger kid to pass.

It's my second week at new work, but it seems that I have worked there for one month, because I started to work over hour in the very first day! However, the funny thing is that I don't really complain about it. Most of the days, I am the last one arrive home. And today, there is no exception. I found my mom packed clothes into a suitcase, so I joked with her if she is planning on escaping, even I know she was packing my nephews' and nieces' clothes. And the later, when I came back to my mom, she said to me....

"Look at this big box, please do your best!!"

I thought she was telling me that I got too many clothes, and those clothes in that big box are mine, so she asked me to do my best to wear them all, not just store there. And my sister-in-law also said right after to my mom....

"Yeah, you do your best, because those clothes are all yours!!"

I was like "huh? what clothes you are talking about?" And then, my mom started to laugh.

"These are for your kids..."

"What the fuck???" I was shocked. For God sake, I am not even married yet, how come you can get so many clothes for my kids, so I thought I had to tease back.

"Thus, my kids will never wear new clothes, huh?!"

Gee, there are like "full-set" of clothes in that box my mom saves for my kids (I don't even know if I will have a kid or not). In case no one knows if there is boy or girl, they leave both genders' clothes. And what's more fun is that there are even a blanket which I bought for my nephew when I was studying in USA is specially made for baby.

Well, lets say "saving is a good attitude", but isn't it too early to do so??


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