Not really feel nervous or excited about Monday, but it should be a big day for me, because I am gonna start to work. It's gonna be an easy job for me, but I am sure that I will learn a lot more from this position. I don't have any special feeling right now, but I know I will be nervous tomorrow night, like a student who will start the school next day feels nervous about what's coming.

Time goes by very fast, especially all the sudden I realized that I am touching 30 in few years. Somehow, I feel time is pushing me to speed up my path to grow up, to grow up to face the next stage of my life. I remember when I tured 20, I was super happy, because it's time to be whoever I want to be, and then I don't think I really grow up, I perhaps just noticed that I turned 20, but hell, I am turning 30 in few years. Thus, I have to make myself look what I have done, and learn to know what I should do next.

I know I promised myself long time ago that I will move on to the next stage before I turned 30, and I think if I don't move on, I might give it up, and then be whoever I am for the rest of my life. Anyways, I guess time does push me a lot to grow up, so I shouldn't be nervous about going to the new work next Monday. I am doing what I should do, and I have to have faith that I will be fine. At least, I got a good start while having my 1st and 2nd interview, and it's no more small company with few employees. Things will, after all, go under a even way with this amount of employees. And yes, no more secrets that I shouldn't know....thanks God! I am really tired to be the critical person who is forced to know something that normally, employees shouldn't know about work or company.

Anyways, wish me luck & yes, I have faith that it's gonna be a good start!


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