Five years ago, we had an interesting year, because many things happened.

My aunt past away due to cancer, and all of our family was so busy helping my uncle to handle everything. After 2 months, my grandpa past away. And at the same time, I was busy applying for the program to study in USA as an exchange student. What a busy year....but the most dramatic part isn't any of them, it is my second brother's marriage.

In Taiwan's culture, if there is any family member pass away, you have to wait for another 3 years if you want to get married. However, if you insist to get married, you need to do everything in 100 days after this family's member's death.

Well, so because of the death of my grandpa, and the accident of my brother caused, we need to arrange the marriage for my brother within 100 days. To be sure, it drove us crazy when we heard this news about my brother's marriage. The reasons are very simple (attention, reason"s"....)

1. Our grandpa just past away, everybody was still so busy on handling all the process.
2. We never met the girl my brother was dating.
3. My parents didn't really like this girl because she is 2 years older than my brother, and since my brother got together with her, my brother changed to another person we don't know.
4. My brother only knew this girl for half years, and they only dated for 4 months.
5. This girl has two older sisters who don't get married, and a younger brother who does nothing, so in our point of view, it seems an unhealthy family to us (at that time).
6. Their family believe in a special religion which non of us understands it at all.
7. We didn't know anything about this girl at that time and don't even bother to ask if we know anything about their family.
8. The most important is that this girl stole my brother....and my parents' son!!
9. And they accidently have kid.........

Lets say my parents are still very reasonable parents who sure will ask their son to take responsibility for this girl, and after all, that baby is ours too. Thus, my parents promised to hold the wedding for them, and tried to open our arms to this unknown family. And then, I rememer when my brother first time brought back this future sister-in-law to my home to meet my parents, eveybody was running somewhere esle to avoid the meeting, except my mom. I don't know what the hell they were talking about, but I remembered I was mad at her and my brother because all these uncomfortable things they forced us to accept. And God knows that I was having trouble myself to applying for the school and everything....which nobody would have time to listen to me or give me some support.

Anyways, the wedding date finally arrived. My future sis-in-law's parents had met our family before that day, and we all thought it's a strange family. Never mind, we still had to do whatever we needed to do, so we took off to their place to pick up the bride, and I volunteer myself to wait downstair to watch out for cars. It took a lot of time to process everything and then my mom insisted to ask me to go upstairs for showing some support. So, here I was......

Gee, it was fucking hot in their apartment and how the heck, they didn't even turn on the air condition in this fucking hot summer. And looked at how many people stuck in their apartment...are they trying to kill all of us??? So, I whispered to my mom that how come they don't turn on the air condition? And my mom said because they raise a bird in the belcony, and if you turn that on, the bird might be killed by the heat....I was like fuck off...everybody is suffering here for a bird?? And God knows how long this thing would go on and gee, it was so freaking

Who cares about your freaking bird?! My family's life is much more important than your bird, so hahahaha, I turned on the air condition and of course, lower the temperature to 18 degrees. Hahaha, okay, maybe I meant it but that day was like 30 something degree, and above 15 people were stuck in that small apartment, so I would rather take care of these 15+ people's life than thinking if that bird would die for this or not!!

I did not give it a shit about that bird and didn't even turn the air condition off when I took off. But luckily, I heard about this bird last week that she is still well and sound!! hahahaha....


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