The old man under the moon is an old man appearing in an old Chinese story, and is a synonym for the god of marriage or a matchmaker.

So, that's the temple I planned to go today, but I took off to another temple instead because the temple I planned to go intend to charge people some money which both of me and my friend couldn't afford at this moment. Well, that's because we all fired our boss at the same week. ha~

Anyways, we threw ourself to another temple who also have this God of marriage which doesn't really have to cost money. Well, it was our first time so it took us for a while to see what I shall do by checking with the service counter. So, before we reach the God of marriage, we need to go through 6 other Gods who charge in different fields which in fact, confuse me all the time. I don't really want to ask for too much so I went quickily through them just for praying for good health. Then, finally, I reaches the God of marriage, it was kinda crowded there and I thought of waiting for my friend who did talk to every God sincerely (so she took a lot of more time than me).

There, I told the God of marriage that I will be back to talk to him after my friend arrived, so I stood nearby to see how others pray from the God of marriage.

There was a girl wearing white (lets call her Ms. White) dress with long hairs. Ms. White spent about 15 mins praying God to give her a good chance to find Mr. Right. She tried so hard to ask from the God of marriage, and so many times, he denied, but she just didn't quit. She walked away finally, but I did not know if she got it or not.

There were also a bunch of girls coming right after Ms. White left, they all tried to do the same thing as Ms. White did. And there was one of the girl, Ms. Green, seemed to have the same problem as Ms. White. She was trying like at least 10 times plus to pray, and finally she jumped away with happiness because the God of marriage promised her.

Here was my conclusion after my friend came to me, I thought "it's not an easy thing to ask for good chance of marriage/relationship from God of marriage" because look at those girls who had tried so many times to pray. Is it possible that because God of marriage thinks that they pray too much and kinda disturbing him, he just promise those girls? Well, no offense, but it's just a thought that came into my mind. Thus, I told myself that if I pray over three times, and he did not promise, I will just quit. So, here we go....lets go try our luck, sis!

Hello, God of marriage, my name is...., my birthday is...., my home address is ....
I am coming here to ask for good chance of relationship, and I hope to have a guy like "xxxxxx" (sorry, that is top secret, just some personal interests). If it's okay for you, please give me a hint.
..........................................oh, crap, he said no. okay, I shall try again.
Hi, it's me again. And I am pleasing you to help me have a guy like "xxxxxx". If it's okay for you, please give me a hint.
..........................................oh, really?! Thanks, but you know, I gotta make sure of it so I gotta tell you again the kinda person I want, "xxxxxx". If it's okay for you, please give me a confirmation.
..........................................oh, thanks again. Well, I am sorry to bother you but three times confirmation is the best.  So, my condition is "xxxxxx". If it's okay for me, please give me last hint.
..........................................oh, man! Sorry, I threw it to a bad place. Your hint is not clear so, please help me again, and I promise that I will throw it to a better place so it won't be stuck in some place. So, please please please, give me a final confirmation. Thanks!
..........................................oh, yeah! Thanks so much!!!


That's what happened when I prayed. To be honest, I was so nervous because it would be very embrassed if I got refused by the God of marriage, and then I have to pray again and again to get the answer I want, like Ms. White and Ms. Green did.

My friend got it, too. But she said probably it's because she didn't ask for too much, the God of marriage promised her right away. Anyways, both of us were pretty happy that we got it.

It's really funny that people do believe in these stuffs that God will help. And for me, I don't pray everyday, but I did sometimes when I came across something that I thought I couldn't solve. For example, the last time I prayed is because I was heading to China, and I really hoped that God could bless/protect me without having anything bad happen on me. And the time before, I had very bad luck those days, so I went to temple to ask for better luck. It was out of my surprise that everything did become better after that. And I didn't really have anything very bad happen on me when I was in China.

My point is....maybe in 6 months both me and my friend could find someone we want, and that is under God of marriage's help. Maybe anyone of us will not have this luck that early, but somehow, after going that temple, it makes me feel better, not really in a happy way, but it did help me feel a little bit calm. I tell myself that if I don't get somebody the God of marriage promised to find out for me, at least I had prayed the rest of the Gods to give me, and my family good health. ^^ I guess any of them will sure help to realize my pray for good health.


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