Last night, I woke up at 2:44AM, and I was surprising having smile on my face, because I heard the sound of pouring rain.

That moment, I raised my head and wore this special smile on my face, and then I realized that it's all because I heard this sound, the sound of pouring rain. The second moment, I was thinking of calling one person, but no, it's 2:44AM here and it should be a stupid thing to make that phone call just to say that "I was woken up by the sound of pouring rain and it reminds me about you, so I had this smiling face on my face". Well, that's stupid!!

Somehow, I thought that I forgot you and I knew it's a very sad thing to forget you. But now, I realize that I did not forget you yet. At least, deep inside my heart, you are there somewhere.

2:44 in the morning, I wore a smile on the face because this pouring rain reminded me about you. And I shall never forget this moment! At least, I believe I will not!


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