Whenever I announced to my mom that I fall in love with somebody, my mom always went to fortune tellers if she though that this guy would have high possibility to take me away. In fact, I think she did so every time.

It is strange that a lot of Asians like to do so whenever they have doubt about their own action. Like before I had my college entry exam, my mom made me to the temple to pray and ask God would I get the college I wanted. Luckly, I got the note number ONE. Don't quite sure what it says now but it was a good luck note, and it turned out that I did go to the college I want and even enter the "international college". Thus, I guess there is really something that we could ask God about sometimes. Another example is that my older cousine who had this boyfriend younger than her for 4 years, they got fight a lot with lots of problems, but because they loved each other so much, they were together for 4 years with a lot of tears, fights, and whatever were not that romantic things going on. Her mom, my aunt, was so worried, so some of her friend introduced her to see a fortune teller. That fortune teller said, "well, this guy is not the guy for your daughter, they will break up this year. In her age 31, a guy will come into her life, a very good one for your daughter. But if she didn't hold this chance tight, she has to wait till 40 years old." Bullshit....that what almost everybody thought because 4 years isn't a short time, how come people can break up like that!! Well, sometimes, really, you just cannot say thing like this because there is always possibility! Thus, they broke up in the year the fortune teller said, and she did meet a guy in her age 31, so I supposed she did take more effort not to chicken out to marry this guy right now. Seriousely, sometime it just forces you to believe it!

So many times, my mom brought me to see fortune teller when my old relationship went wrong. I have seen couple of them, some of them are dumb, but they all told me the same thing which kinda freaking me out a bit so that I seem to have no choice not to believe it!

So the fortune teller says, you have chance to get married since you were 21 years old, but before 28 (or 30? don't really remember) years old, people you thought might be the one is actually NOT the one. And you cannot get marrid too early or your marriage cannot stay long, the reason might be because of bad mother-in-law or your husband, so it's better to wait till over 28 years old. One more thing very important is that "never stay far apart with your lover/husband in different countries or even cities", or it will never work out. So, stuck together!!!

My mom always concerns that I will marry to some foreign dude, so when above craps are done mentioned by the fortune teller, she must ask "where will my daughter marry to? abroad?" This isn't a quite normal question, so sometimes fortune teller wouldn't really answer her question, but told her "the place near water", "do you want her to?"....blah blah....Somehow, the most recent one she went to ask, the one my aunt asked for my cousin, the one is considered to be worthful to ask........this fortune teller told my mom the answer she wanted to hear long long long time ago, he/she (I don't really have idea if this future teller is male or female) told my mom that "no, she will not move to foreign country for marriage". My mom was so freaking happy and even content!!

Therefore, let me prove to you how good those fortune tellers are!
1. I have chance to get married since I was 21 .... check! I had this boyfriend we were talking about getting married.
2. Those you met before 28 are not the one .... check! Duh, I am not married now!
3. You cannot live in different cities or countries ... check! The ex I mentioned in the first one, we broke up after I arrived USA to study in the third week...how fast is that & we never got back together.
4. She will not move to foreign country for marriage ... half-check! I am stuck in Taiwan so far!

The weird thing is that how come they all make this kinda comment that I cannot separte with my husband/lover in different cities or countries. That's what I feel strange about because that did happen. Sometimes, it does make me wonder that how fragile my relationship could be!! It can be broken so easily...isn't there something left can make my relationship work, even it's long-distance? And the worst part is that I seem to usually have feeling to people who are not around me, so they all didn't work out!

The rest of things fortune tellers said didn't mean that much to me because they all said that whoever marry me will have better luck ... (hold on, let me fresh this sentense coz it sounds I am arrogant)... I will bring luck or be helpful to my husband ( is that better?). And if I will not become a bit wealth in my age 30 plus, I will become a bit wealth in my age 40 plus....(who doesnt want? but i think every fortune teller says same thing to every one). But, mom....why you never asked fortune teller about my career??? I need some advice now tho!

Today is Valentine's day! Some guys think it's crap because they have to spend money. Some girls convince themselves it's crap because every single day should be valentine's day. For me, hey, dude, relax! It's just a day has special name on it. The point is to stay with someone you have feeling for, enjoy it and have fun. This is actully a special day to allow people to kiss, hug, hold a bounch of flowers, or propose in the street, so enjoy the privilege because after this day, I will really star or curse you if I see you do those things in the street...(haha, joking la!)

So, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, everybody! Enjoy having the privilege of using the public space!


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