Since I started to work, time runs very very fast because I work overload from 8:30am till 7:00pm with less than one hour lunch break. And I don't really have time to stop for a while.

As usual, I got lots of works laying there waiting for me to clean up today. And I found myself pretty good at make thing in organization (ha). But today became a very different day since 1pm, because I received a surprise!

This surprise came from the other part of the world, Canada, even though I am surrended by many people coming from Canada (oh yeah, my boss' daughters and son all immigrated to Canada since they were kids, and now they work in their mom's office with us; Somehow, I feel like I got something more to do with "Canada"). This surprise is an E-Mail! Yup, an E-Mail can cheer me up this much must be from someone important to me!

It's a very cute letter because it says "I felt I am closer to you" and in fact, he just travelled from Estern Canada to Western Canada and I am the only person he knows who is the nearest to where he is at now. How cute is that (haha)!! Anyways, after looking at this E-mail, it keeps me smile for 5 mins and loads of energy for the rest of the day! I am so so so happy tho!

This surprise reminded me about another surprise I received last week. That surprise was even bigger and made me run so fast from work to home. It's a big letter from Canada as well and enclosed many beautiful photos with a couple I respect and love. The father has this happy smile and the mother has this sweet smile. I was so so so happy to receive that because this very important to me, and so great that I can see their face from time to time now (haha, sorry I kinda forgetting what the mother looks like before).  Besides, it's so so so warm to see they write that "yes, we will meet again". It really means thousands for me!! ^^

To be honest, except my own family, this family from Canada is the most important people for me now. Maybe we did not spend too much time together or we, in fact, barely know each other, but somehow, there is a special feeling from me to them. I can tell this feeling is very important and warm for me. Of course, no matter how much it takes me or how long it's gonna take, I will sure find a chance to meet them again somewhere in the world.



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