Last Tuesday I went to attend a special wedding. How special? I don't know the bride, groom, or their parents. It's actually a wedding for a far relative only my parents and aunts know.

I am usually not into attending any wedding because most of time, you just wait there till you cannot handle the hunger and then, you regret how much you eat. However, I still went that wedding because the groom is a foreigner.

Till we received the invitation, I know that we have this relative immigrated to USA long time ago and had a supermarket there. So, there is no surprise that most of people who attended that wedding speaking good English. There were 11 members from groom's side came to Taiwan, so we thought it's gonna be fun to go to the wedding. And it is also surprised that bride (ABC: America borned Chinese) is three years older than the groom, and they are still students studying in different states.

The wedding was at noon, and we had fun because there was a relative (I don't know him) coming to our table to drink with us. He (I should call him uncle) was trying to find some fun so he came to drink with me. Well, I am sorry that I am not that bad at drinking, and I had been trained a bit when I worked in China, so when he bottom up, I bottom up! Hahaha, it's a big glass of red wine each glass, so after 5 times bottom ups, that uncle decided to ask me to go to his place next time, so that he can drink with me again. It was fun to recall the moment "bottom up". hahaha

Anyways, I got drunk after that, and slept 2 hours in that afternoon. And I don't really remember what the groom and bride look like, but I remember groom's brother looks good tho! hahaha~


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