Around this time, it reminds me about this friend I have when I am back in USA. He is from Indonesia and I met him in the first class I attened in USA. He was the only Asian (except me and my two other classmates) in the class. I thought that he is ABC or borned in USA, and I like his bright/shinny eyes (although it's not a good description for a big guy like him). Too bad that we (me and my two other classmates) got kicked out after one period of class because that stupid professor thought that we are not qualified to attend his class (truth is that we just don't understand American culture that much; not the course he teaches). Thus, I thought that I will never get to know this Asian and I didn't even know his name yet.

It's okay because it's not a hard thing to get all Asians around in that school. Well, it's an interesting thing that every school has this "chinese group" or "indian group" or whatever country group to gather the same race/country of people. And there are also activities to make these groups all together or parties to welcome new foreign students. Therefore, as long as you have time to attend these activities, it's very easy for you to make friends from all over the world, excepts people from America (ha, no joke!).

In the very first activity I attended, I met a friend who is from Hong Kong has stayed at USA for years. It was a fun party, especially they offer food (ha, sorry, I went there for food coz I have no food back in my dorm, and you know, you really don't know what to buy when you first got there, so you will do everything you can to attend that kinda activity in first two weeks). This friend is a very nice guy who tried to invite new friends to their own parties (sure, we learned that they do so for getting to know more girls, hahaha!), so he invited me to play boweling to celebrate his roommate's birthday. I did not go (as I rememebered I am suck at playing boweling so I refused), but I did make a phone call to ask him to tell his rommate "happy birthday" even I had no idea who the hell his roommate is.

Later, I got to know this friend from Hong Kong better (how? don't quite remember). One day, we went to watch movies in his apartment, and sure, we met his two roommates. What? One of your roommates is from the class we got kicked out is your roommate? Haha, what a small town/school (our school is in a small town)! He didn't really remember me, instead he remembered one of my the other two old classmates (so that's how I know he hited on her). And yeah, then we had more time to hang out after that, and sure, I made him meet my the other classmate (more stories or gossips...came out after that).

This guy is from Indonesia, he has this happy personality to make you laugh whenever you meet him. He is a Japan lover, even though I never heard that he got a Japanese girlfriend. As I heard, he got a lot of his own issues which I never really know or understand, because he never tried to talk about himself. Anyways, he left to Chicago after one semester because ha, he graduated. Once in a while, we heard from him, or he came back to visit us (once).

I actually heard some bad relationships happened on this Indonesia friend, or he was not a good boyfriend. But I don't think it's a problem for me to be his friend, because we are kinda friends who say hello, how's going, and miss the old time together, nothing more than that. Besides, he is really a helpful friend who listens and helps when you are willing to talk to him. That's what friends do, so I prefer not to judge him, no matter what he have done, it's his personal life.

He loves car a lot, and he is one of the best driver I've known. He earned money by racing cars in Chicago (I think it's for casual, not really professional), and yeah, he drove me once on the high way and did some cool things while driving. It's really very very cool and you should check his car, Silver. It's actully like a racing car, and he did spend many money on motifiying it.

We chatted not often on MSN after I came back to Taiwan because we both had our own lives and works to do (it happened between every friend I know from USA...normal). But last year around this time, I got a message from him. He was saying that "you cleaned your apartment this morning? you looked nice....blah blah blah". I was so surprised that how come he said things like that and how come he knew I was cleaning the apartment this morning. Turned out that he saw me while he was having some secret mission (*****that was his job, don't ask, coz I don't quite know tho) in Taiwan. It's totally an accident while he saw me outside of my apartment tho. What a small world!!

Thus, I am thinking about him these days, although I know he will not show up this time (coz he changed his job). It was quite fun to know that he found me last year, but it was not fun that I was wearing my PJ's pants and laughing around with my brothers. Kinda ugly~haha! So from that time, I try not to embrass myself by wearing too causal as long as I step out of my apartment.


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