Last night, I had this weird dream. I saw an airplane crashed in front of me, the airplane lost her power and she was trying so hard to land on the ground but she didn't make it. And when she finally hitted the ground, everything explored. I used my body to cover a kid from getting hurt. It didn't casue a lot of fire but the plane was crashed on the grass, instead of into the buildings. I even went to take a look at the airplane and good thing is I didn't see anybody, but just a crashed plane with those seats exposed. It was crashed into two pieces and you don't really see the head of the airplane at all. It's gone!

I don't understand why I have a dream like this because I don't remember I saw any movie about airplane lately. But I remember that I was trying everything to protect the kid I do not know and even find the kid way back home. And when I woke up from the dream, I felt myself was still feeling it, as if the dream was real and it took me another 5 mins to realize that it's only a dream and then finally, got rid of that weird feelings.


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