Last week, I had one week vacation without French classes. It was supposed to be a wonderful since I finally got to rest for one week after non-stop classes for 5 months, but hell, I have this "gout" problem come after me. I thought it wouldn't be that serious but thing didn't go the way I wanted it to be tho. Therefore, I couldn't walk properly for two weeks now.

I have to tell you that it was hurting like hell for more than a week and my feet is like a big bread. When it comes to the night, it's the worst because the blood goes slower when you do not move, so it hurts much more than you could imagine. Therefore, I didn't sleep well for about 5 days. The night before, I woke up almost every hour and it's seriously torture me a lot.

However, I am very happy to tell you that after 11 days, I finally feel much better now because at least, I don't feel that much of pain when I walk. And last night, I finally got some sleep. It's really cool because I really need some sleep, otherwise, I really have no energe to take my French class this week, and I am also happy that this Friday, we won't have class because it's Canada's National day. Guess not many people care about this day, well, that's what I heard from my friend tho. For me, I am happy about this day only because I got to rest my feet more and it really helps for healing!!

Anyways, Happy Birthday to Canada & good luck to my feet!!


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