Well, I usually have this problem when it comes to speak out. Sometimes, I am like my mom who really hate to cause any trouble to others so we always try to do everything on our own, even sometimes, we atually need some help from others. So, here is the most recent example I could give you now......seriously, I was fucking stupid!!

Couple days ago, I went out to explore some groceries which might be on sales. In here, they usually ask you if you really need bags for those you buy, and somehow, I fucking freaked out in front of the cashier when the woman asked me in French. Well, here is the deal, they don't charge you for the bag like Taiwan does. But hell, at that moment, "charge" came into my mind and I really thought that woman was gonna charge me for the god damn bag so I said, "non, merci" as if I was refusing her help. And ha, there were even TWO all-grown-up men unpacking my stuffs and walked away with some disappointments. And guess what, I got a pack of crabs, a box of on-sales eggs, and the god damn on-sales 24 rolls of toilet paper. Of course, I need one fucking bag for the crabs and eggs I just fucking refused. Gee...what the fuck is going on with me?!

Hey, that's not the worst part of this story. The worst part is that now, it's WINTER time here, and I totally, totally, totally, forgot my god damn warm gloves at home. And guess what, to be economical for my "wallet" so I walked to the supermarket that is not exactly near my place. Thus, what will happen if the temperature is about -6~-10 degrees and you expose your hands outside???? Let me tell you. First, you will feel fucking cold and then in couple of seconds, you will find your fingers all turn "red" and soon, you feel the pain which makes your fingers unmovable as if they are too hard to be touched. And then, you will say to youself, how the hell you are so fucking stupid to leave the gloves at home and so fucking stupid to tell that stupid woman give you no bags, so now, look at yourself. Seriously, I couldn't move my fingers at all when I finally got to my place and it took me a while to open the door. And remember, don't put your hands into hot or even warm water because you will surely make it worse. As I recalled, I have seen many people in China, their fingers turned black for the rest of their lives because they put their hands in warm water after got freezed outdoor. Hell, I don't know if this is the reason but for sure, I don't want my hands become black. Thus, I just waited until I started to feel my fingers when they are gettiing warmer inside of the apartment. And tried to move them a little by a little to make sure the blood starts running smoothly.

So, fuck, don't be stupid!!!!!!!! Bring a god damn glove when you go out and don't think that you could just leave your hands in the pockets, no big deal?! Hell, it's a big deal coz you will never know when you will have to put your hands outside of the pockets. Shit happens, you know...so, always get everything ready before you go out!!


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