I've learned this phrase, culture shock, when I was in College. We talked about culture differences and I really love this phrase because it could be a "shock" in reality.

It's been about 4 weeks staying here and I did not really see any big difference that shocks me. They had Christmas parties, people always bring their own drinks to the parties (interesting), and they eat fucking late for a long time (well, I learned that before but it's turely the first time I experience it....it's really fucking long). They love to talk a lot, a lot, a lot, and that's something I am not quite used to because they all speck French and in our family, we don't really talk that much when having meal. I recalled that I always asked my nephews and niece to shut up while eating. Anyways, non of these shock me too much tho but......couple days ago, I found something.

We have this roommate (from local) who started to invited people to our apartment. Well, that's normal because that's what they do all the time and that's what I did when I was studying in States. And then, first time, oh...that girl stayed over so maybe that's his girlfriend. In my thought, I was like...oh, that's nice to finally to meet his girlfriend. But the next day when I got into our apartment, humm....there is a French girl so I said hi again......so okay, maybe that's some sex partner. BUT the day after, here comes another American girl. My mind was saying, "WTF....." So, let me do the counting, it's 3 now and how about the girl I saw the other day didn't seem stay over?? All the question marks on my head and fuck, I don't remember their names or faces clearly at all. However, I am not really judging him at all but it's really a kinda culture shock for me because seriously, I never saw things like this before. Sure, I heard about this kinda stuff before but NEVER really saw it happen right under my nose. I was actually "wow" a lot tho.

Thus, I asked friend (from local as well) about this and he is acting like, it's damn normal here. Those girls are not girlfriends, just some sex partners and close friends. Once in a while, you just wanna have some fun, that's all. oh......okay, if my parents know this, definately, they will send me back home immediately, for sure!!! Therefore, I decided it is the very first culture shock I have here!!!!!!

And few days after I talked to my friend..........
There was another girl coming to our apartment without early notice (well, fuck...that happened a lot here....always have surprises). I was expecting to see a blond skinny girl like I saw few days ago, like our roommate's type but hell, this girl's big and short. So, I was all laughing a bit in my mind coz gee, our roommate's tolerance is not that small, huh!! Thus, I am like looking forward the moment she walks into our roommate's room to watch TV shows or movies or listen to music like the other girl's routine. With all smile on my face while I was cooking my dinner, one surprised thing happened.....they left the apartment together. I am sure they went to some pubs. And I don't know if he brough back any girl very late last night but hell, I am still expecting to see some girl walking out of his room. Hahaha.....joking la.

However, seriously, I never thought Taiwan is a conservative country. I meant it's a developed country so it's quite modern and should be quite open on this kinda thing already. Somehow, after comparing, in this "sex" thing, it seems that most of the Taiwanese still tend to be more conservative in some ways. Remember when I worked in China, couples rent the same apartment is very common, and sex stores are like everywhere in the street tho. Anyways, I am quite happy I am being this conservative tho...just happy about being who I am but what they do here is not judgable. I meant it's a free country, and everybody has their own way to do things so I respect them anyways.

Yes, respect!!


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