When I was a kid, thought how great it will be to have my own family since I live in a happy one. But the older we grow, the more scary we are. Everything we are planning to do seems to be a big bet for us because there are too much to consider and once you make the decision, you have to take all the outcomes no matter what.

To live with someone is not an easy thing, and I just realized that couple weeks ago. A lot of things needed to be adjusted, even your living ways because you are not living in your own room any more. Everything has to be shared and there are different rules for different people. Like how to do laundry, how to fold the clothes, how to put the dishes, ......blah blah blah...a lot, a lot needed to be learned and communcation is not really an easy thing to do tho.

On the other hand, you would be afraid of things.....afraid of what will come next.....and the uncertainty hits you from time to time tho. It's scary and you really have no idea if you will be okay or not!!


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