For a long long time, I really thought it's my problem.

My two elder brothers work in the very the same company since they graduated. Almost every member in my family never really change jobs often. BUT me, who has worked for 4 years for 4 different works so far. In average, one year per company; the shortest is 11 months and the longest is 18. I've been thinking why I couldn't work for the same company for too long; by looking back, I did have many unplesant experience from PEOPLE.

Me, and my freind did sit down and discuss about this issue; why we really cannot find normal people to get along with, why we could know so many weirdos. Okay, the result we came out is that we are using very different standards to look at others. We probably, in those people's eyes, are weirdos for them.

It's so maybe the same reason when we have this thought: why girls like that can get a god damn boyfriend or many guys hit on her? But girls like us, never catch any good guy's eyes? Why? Why? Why?

For all the time, I have been introspecting; trying to figure out what the hell is going on with me. Why almost everybody at work is always fucking doing those stupid things to piss me off? How the hell those blind supervisors could supervise if they don't fucking see things clearly? Why all those bithes who don't fucking work and then act like they are handicapped can always get their way in everything? And what's fucking going on with this world that hard working people always have to fucking do everything for those fucking lazy people do nothing and get more salary? Am I just such a dumb ass who doesn't know a shit about "not giving a shit"? Am I just a slave just because I fucking follow the instruction? And do you people think that I am that fucking stupid who doesn't know what the hell you are trying to do??

Yes, I am not tough enough to fight back everything rediculous. However, I know, if anybody breakthrough my bottom line, there will be no more tolerance; that I will never control!


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