My niece, Abby, is a very tough kid, who doesn't like any of our family, because our personality is more tender. She has this extreme temper to have this need to express herself. If she says no, it definately means no, even you punlish her. She is very good at using her voice for objection by screaming, or yelling out loud.

By comparing with her older brother, she got punished more than her brother, Nelson. Nelson is also a smart kid, but he is not tough at all. He has hard time to do things alone, he couldn't even go anywhere in our place without lights on. Whenever he goes out, he will always hold your hands, unless he is very familiar with that environment. One very good thing about him is that he never asks others to hold him, even his legs are sore. Abby is totally different, she is more brave, and does have dare to do many things. But she hates to walk, and will cry to her dad to hold her. And she will stick on you, no matter how much you don't want.

When Abby born, a forturn teller said her last life is a shrimp. And I guess it's probably true, by looking at the way she sleeps. She will roll up like a shrimp, but with her ass up. We all thought maybe because she got punished a lot at day time, she cries a lot at nigh. Many times, nobody could stop her at all, and last for a long long time. You know, just like other kids, who played too much at day time, and they will cry or dream a lot when  they sleep. However, the way she cries sometimes isn't usual. And even she didn't get punished during day time, she still cried a lot at night. This kinda situation started since she is a baby, so all of us are kinda worried.

Today, my sister-in-law's sister asked a forturn teller why Abby cries so much at night. The forturn teller said, it's because her last life's parents go to see her every night, and want to bring her along. Thus, she always cries out loud and says, "no, no, no...."

It was quite a serious thing to know tho. However, my brother said "Gee...her last life's shrimp mom and shrimp dad come to see her?" Everybody was like "'s too shrimp!!"'s really very shrimp!


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