I have this special rule to some special person. And that is never say goodbye; you can say "see ya", "later", but cannot say "goodbye" or "bye". The reason is very simple, because we must see each other again, no matter how far we are far apart.

Since I have this rule, for me, saying "goodbye" is a very serious word for me. By saying "bye" is okay, but somehow, saying "goodbye" means that we will never see each other again, or I just meant not to see you again from the moment I tell you "goodbye".

If you know Marron 5, one of my favorit songs from them is "this love". When I first time heard this song, I was in a bar in USA. There is a sentence of lyric, "This love has taken its toll on me. She said goodbye too many times before." And that's around the time, I told my ex "goodbye", but that's really the very last time to say so. Thus, that song meant something for me that time.

So, I always say "see ya", and only a very few people I insist them not ever to say "goodbye" or "bye" to me, although they forgot to do so sometimes. But really, for me, I don't like to hear people say "goodbye", because I will feel that they are not seeing each other again. Thus, if you know me very well, when you or I say "goodbye", it really means that we will never sea each other again!!

Sorry if I am being picky, but I do have this strong feeling. And really, if I say "goodbye" to you, that really means that I do not want to see you again.......I really don't like to say "goodbye".


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