Years ago, less than in one week, we lost our aunt. She had this cancer, which spreaded very very fast in her body. One thing good is that she didn't suffer much. We were all very sad, because nobody expected this to come, especially in this short time.

After couple months, my grandpa followed my aunt's step. Everything was in a mess for our family, we really do not recognize our sadness at all because there were too many things need to be done at the same time. You only saw everybody was so tired, and speechless.

It's never been an easy thing for everybody to lose someone, don't even mention that we lost two in a very short time. From that moment, we do realize totally that we really have to treasure what we have at present. Never wait until you regret for it!

I have this cousin, she means a lot for me somehow, because she has a very kind heart. She has been suffered a lot from her life, by having no father and mother around her since she was kid. My grand parents raised her till graduated from junior high school, and then my uncle raised her till she got married. In 13 years marriage, her husband didn't allow her to social with others. And then he cheated on her with a woman next door. She waited him to come back to her family for two years, and then she decided to divorce in the end by leaving her two lovely kids with him. You could imagine how hard it's for her to survive by herself, especially she didn't have any skill. However, after some years, she met her present husband who took care of her a lot, and loved her with his heart. I like her a lot, because she is always this kind, even in those two years suffered the pain her ex-husband casued for her (she didn't mention it in front of us for two years, because she was saving the face for her ex-husband). We all love her, not beacues what she has been suffered all her life, it' because she is also this good, and nice to everybody. She could just give you everything she has, if you ask her to. And she never says how much pain she suffered, she always looks happy and being positive.

Just a shock news came to me couple hours ago that she seems to have breast cancer. It was not sure, but very high possibility that she has it. I really couldn't think of one reason how come her life is like this, I mean she doesn't deserve this at all. I hope she will be just fine after test this Sat. For so long, she has tried all her best to be very independent, without letting anybody to worry about her. And she has been this strong to overcome so many things in her life. I hope somehow God could help her a little.

No matter what, we really have to treasure everything we have now.


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