A lot of my friends think that I am a weak person, because I got sick easily....ATTENTION, it's ONLY because I got cold easily. It is NOT because I got a weak mind.

Frequently, I visite doctor, becuase my nose allergy is getting more serious. Doctor always tell me that I gotta stay away from dust, or hairy stuffs, blah blah blah....but the truth is that it's just my body cannot fit Taiwan's weather. I meant I got no allergy when I was in Canada or China. It was totally cool, besides, I was staying with a "real dog" for 5 days in Canada. I even slept with that dog without having any problem at all tho. Therefore, it must be because the weather in Taiwan.

Anyways, no doubt, I got cold since two~three weeks ago, mostly becuase the weather changed too fast, and I didn't well prepare. After one week treatment, I thought I was healing, but it wasn't because I had a long week, without having enough sleep. Thus, it's getting worse, till two days ago. I was forced to visit a new clinic I thought it should be a great one, because it's always filled with patients.

Well, lets say I finally understood why its business is so great. Normally, it only takes 2~3 mins a normal doctor will spend on each patient, but this clinic's doctor spends like 15 ~20 mins to check and treat. No wonder it's filled with people "waiting" in line. However, one thing pulled me back from visiting this clinic again for the rest of my life.

I got 3 days medicine which I need to take 3 times a day. They even give me extra medicine for my nose allergy, in case, it's getting more serious, which is pretty sweet! Thus, that night, I took one pack of medicine, and then headed to sleep. The doctor did warn me that one of the pills might keep me away from sleeping, and it's okay if I just don't take that medicine. Well, who knows if it's gonna have effect on me or not.....so I choose to take that pill. Hell.....I couldn't sleep till 4:30am. But what more hell is that the doctor did NOT tell me any of those pill will cause me "weak". I felt so weak and tired, but my brain was just so damn clear. I even almost fell down when I tried to get myself a glass of water. What the.....And then, the coming 2 days, I was totally weak, and so exhausted. I couldnt really eat food, but kept sleeping like a pig. Sometimes, I even felt like I was stuck on my bed, couldn't move an inch at all.

The most scary part is that "I only took one pack of medicine", which means I only took one time out of 9 packs, and it already made me so weak, and sick. Sure, it did make me get a lot of rest, but hell, I didn't look that sick before I took those pills. And I still feel sleepy now!! My God....hope I won't feel the same way tomorrow, or I might probably get fired....hahahaha


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