Every time I take testing online about how old are you really, the result is always way older than what my real age is. It's in the range between 32-36. Usually, friends around my age laugh at me, and friends older than me for few years think it's a good thing to be mature. For me, I don't deny that I don't really act like my real age, and that also part of the reason that most of my close friends are older than me, except one (but he is a foreiger...look much older than me tho...hahaha).

Thus, deep in my mind, I really think that I shall look older than my age. I meant at least, I should look like a kido, becasue hell, I don't act like one. However, I seem to be wrong!

Few weeks ago, my coworker asked me "how old are you?". I told her my age, and she was like "you are so young, and you look so young." I wasn't really surprised about her reaction, because I have heard enough of people to tell me I am so young after many interviews. However, I don't really get this, "you look so young." And since day one, my supervisor keeps calling me "kido" to remind herself how old she is (haha). I don't really know how old she is tho, but she just cannot help herself to complain that I am so young, and she could be my mom (don't think so at all).

What worst just happened last weekend. I walked out of my grandma's house to look for my mom who was talking to some old women live in our neighborhood. After then, she told me that those women thought that I am like 17 or 18 years old. I was like "WHAT??? Are they out of their mind? (My OS was "shit, do I really look like a kid?")

Well, it's probably not a bad thing to look much younger than my real age, but I am sure that it is NOT a good thing when you go out to meet customers or suppliers. After all, people intend to judge in the first meeting. So.........

Do I really look that young?? I really thought that I look, at least, mature!!


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