I am not sad.....as I know.

I know when I am really sad, I will feel like hugging somebody, and somebody mostly is my pillow. And although my pillow will never hug me back, my blanket is always there to provide some help by convering me.

Perhaps my blanket was doing a great job last night, because whole night, I had a dream, somebody held me so tight all the time, and I hugged somebody back a lot, too. Thus, I guessed I hugged my packup pillow very tight last night as well. I felt this dream was crazy, because I never had dream like this before....especially, I was hugging too much in the dream. To be honest, I don't hug people a lot, even though sometimes, I have this passion to do so at some moments. Thus, don't think the person in my dream is me tho.

However, usually people dream for a reason, so I couldn't help myself to think what's going on with me. I meant is it true that I really that eager to hug someone. Maybe yes, maybe not... but one thing for sure is that I am not sad lately, because my work keeps me too busy to be sad, I spent most of my time working, and the rest just relax, and get some sleep!

So................it is maybe just a dream!


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