For the past two years, I hate a lot of things, because I knew too many things that others shouldn't know. And I also saw many ugly sides of human beings. Thus, most of time, I felt so frustrated and tired from a lot of things around me. It's not me who was being too judgmental; it's things are getting out of rage. Thus, I promised myself that I had to get away from it, or I will kill myself soon.

Me and my friend once talked about "we don't understand why there are people doing things like that". We kept asking "why" and "how", and in the end, we came out a very good explaination, which is "we shouldn't use our own standard to judge others". It's actually a very good explaination, because when we are not able to change others, we'd better change ourself to get used to this society.

However, that theory wasn't doing any help, but only for that moment. It's hard enough to change myself already! Therefore, I choose to leave, and promised myself that nothing like this shouldn't happen again. I don't want to know any more secrets, or things that normal employees shouldn't know.

I was right about it, and now I feel much better at work, because I just have to do my job. Here is what I have learned.....

1. Don't try to dig out things from others, because you shouldn't judge anybody before you see them with your own eyes.
2. Don't buy any stories easily. Sure, you cannot keep others' mouths shut, but you can choose not to believe. Because a lot of time, people say things with reasons which might not be true or healthy.
3. Don't take words too seriously. It doesn't matter if that person says good things about you or not, just listen to it with your left ear, and lets those words go from your right ear, because those words will easily affect your emotion, and you shouldn't risk yourself by being too emotional at work.
4. When you don't like somebody, just ignore them. Don't bother yourself to change their way in doing things. Just finish your job, and walk away. Job is just a job, just do what you have to do.

 Anyways, I am doing okay so far in the first two weeks. I don't want to say that it's great because who knows what will happen, and what I will know in the future. Thus, again, I should be ok if I just keep my expectation lower.


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