I have been thinking a lot lately about my condussion, especially after I read an article. It's about a lady who didn't carry out any of her dreams and then realized that maybe it's a good thing not to make those dreams come ture, after she met her dying friend who owns everything she dreamed of.

It reminds me about a friend of my mom told me once that most of rich families don't have happy life. Look at a friend of my parents who is so rich, but he messed up by falling in love with another woman, and non of his children want to forgive him. Another one who is very rich too but he got fight with his wife a lot, his children are so afraid of their mother because she has kinda mentel illness.

I meant it seems that no one can have everything, if you have one thing, you might lose another thing. Thus, a lot of time, we have to make decision by getting something and lose something. For example, last year, I worked in China, the salary was good but I couldn't spend my time with my family, and I kinda lost my health. Thus, I finally made a decision to come back to Taiwan.

By reading the news lately, many women expect their husband to have at least 40 thousand dollar salary each month. Seriously, do you really think that money is the first option for you to look for a boyfriend or husband? And I don't really understand why some girl wishes to marry to a rich man. I meant lets not being to materialistic. I think average salary is good enough, and life quality is much more important. Maybe I am too much like a family person, but I do think that spend time with family is very important. Thus, if I can choose, I wish my husband can come back home every night to spend some time with our family, and maybe go somewhere else during weekend. We don't need very expensive apartment, fancy car, or anything luxry. We just want a normal life with each other.

And that's my choice, to spend time with family than put all my time at work.


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