Before I graduated, my goal is to get a good job and earn money for life. And after months of working, I started to realize that nothing is easy, and working hard doesn't mean anything. Sometimes, I found myself feel bored when I have known a lot of things about my job, and then I need to have something new to interest me to keep on going. If I don't find any, I will easily feel it's time to leave.

And then after around 2~3 years working, I suddenly feel there is no ambition for me to keep on working. It's like earning money cannot be the reason to motivate me any more. There is nothing in front of me to chase any more, and I am just lost in the middle of the way!

Here, I got two phone calls today. One phone call is to tell me that I'm hired, and another phone call is to tell me that they wanna have an interview with me. Both companies are in textile industry, and to be honest, I am really not sure if I still have any ambition for this industry since I have been working in this industry for couple years. And that's the place I got lost!

I am really very confused now because I really don't know what I want and what I shall do. I tried to look at myself in different ways, and see what I want or can do for the rest of my life. Maybe I guess I really need some help to figure this thing out. @_@


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