Nature is fighting back? We, human beings, deserve it?



How many times we told ourselves that life is damn short, and we should do whatever we want to do in time? And, how long it's gonna take us to learn the lesson? We always pursuade better quality of our life, so we have to work hard, to earn more money, to be creative, to have more inventions, to make life more convenient, to get more education, to have more knowledge, to be more fashionable, to socialize, to be accepted, to be approved, to know things, to be practical, to have dreams, to be ambitious, to be understable, to be sensitive, to be polite, to express ourselves, to admir somebody or something, to love, to feel, to look for, to believe, to be faithful, to learn, to see, to sense, to grow up, to manage, to fight, to touch, to smell, to exercise, to teach, to step, to wave, to cry, to write, to hear, to listen, to lift it up, to put it down, to drink it up, to swallow, to think, to figure, to describ, to realize, and everything and everything.

Economic crisis brought loads of people down, some rich people are getting poor, some poor people are getting more poor, many people are getting homeless, tons of people don't know if there is tomorrow. I do not really quite understand how all of these happened in a short time, because I am sure not an expert. However, I couldn't help myself to think it's so ironic. Why? Becuase it's all caused by us, human beings. How? Who the hell you think printed these money or invent something called currency? Answer: Human Beings. And now, everybody lives in fear, because we don't know what we can do when things are out of our control.

Icebergs are melting in north/sourth pole, animals who live there are in danger, and so are we. Things we see now might not be still there later, such as land will be disappeared, or cycle of living of animal will be changed. A lot of things might be forced to be changed when it's time. Some people call it is nature itself fighting back to us, because we are damaging it; We invented things that cause polution, and it is "us" again to improve our living to a different direction.

In order to survive, everything will have to be envolved. It is not top urgent issue to find another planet for human to live, but it's top urgent for human to know, to do things to protect and love what we have now. Earth is the only place we could live; without earth, there is nothing we could do to prove that we live. As everybody knows, life is short so we should treasure whatever we have in hand now before it's gone. We have done so much, and now it's time to ask ourselves what we can do to save us. Everyone of us must be able to do some little thing to help, such as do recycle, unpluge/switch off eletric equipments while not using, or just simply do not waste anything.

Thus, LOVE the earth, and no matter who you are, stop yourself for a while to see what's around you. Look what we have done; a lot of time, we are the reason to cause for a lot of things. Don't take too much time on blaming someone else, but try to do your best to save this world.

Just LOVE it and Do it!


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