I hate people when they give me attitude. Sure, I can understand that sometimes people just don't get what they want, so they will have bad mood. But for God sake, cannot you just get over it and go fucking hide your own attitude when seeing others?! You have right to feel bad, you have right to express your feeling, but don't give me that attitude when it comes to innocent people. I am not the one to piss you off, so get real, and go fix your stupid brain, especially you are over 30 years old. It's TIME to grow up!

You know, a day or two, I don't get it a shit, but hell, it's over a week. What the hell you want? It's not like the entire world rotates as you are being a center piece. Nobody would bother themselves to care what the hell you are mad at, or even make you feel better by letting you do whatever you want forever. So, get real, and get over what you are going through, you dumb ass!


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