It's been a long time I didn't stand under the rain. I always told myself that it's the last time I soak myself with pouring rain. It's freezing, but I never did what I told myself. That night, I did it again. I stood in the middle of the alley, faced up, and tried to figure how long I could look into the rain without blinking my eyes. But I never did it for too long, because my eyes are afraid of water, even I am having my glasses on.

Sometimes, I like to imagine myself standing under the rain, facing up with my open-arms as if I am hugging every drop. And then I will turn round and round slowly as if I am a carousel, but in a very slow motion. I would dance slow with the music, Glittering Blackness, and what the most in the picture is a black hair dog standing right next to me, and she also face up to the sky.

When I was kid, I love water. I always put myself in the bathtub as long as wrinkles are all over my fingertips, and my mom yelled at me to get out of the restroom before I got cold. We used to play around with our cousins in the river. I wasn't very good at swimming at that time, so I got this big donut hanging around my waist, and sometimes, also my arms while swimming. When everybody got up to the shore to eat BBQ, I wouldn't want to leave the water because I thought if I leave, my parents would say it's time to go home, and I was definately not done playing yet. Thus, my mother was forced to feed me besides the water as if she was feeding some big fat fish with cooked meat wrapped by a piece of toast. If looking at the photos taken that time, you will find my skin was colored in a weird charcoal color. Every summer, my skin became that color, but I am lucky that it never became my trademark, because I will turn back to normal color within a month out of water.

My bed in our old apartment was in my parent's bed room, right nex to a big windows. I loved sleeping on my bed, and looked out the windows sometimes to see if there is any suprise out there. My favorite time is when it's raining, because I could feel that I am so close to the rain, and I enjoy the sound when rain hits my windows. Everything becomes still when the rain becomes heavier, it seems that nothing else matter. Some tale tells that when it rains, it means the sky is crying, and when there is thunder, it means the sky is mad. At that age, I prefered to believe that it's time to clean up, to clean up the ground, to clean up people's mide, to clean up all the troublesomes, to clean up whatever bothers you, and to fresh up everything existing on the earth, and then bring something new to us, as if the earth becomes a newborn baby. Hence, instead of crying, I believed that raininng means pure. Others pray from God to be pure, but I prayed for rain.


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