Long time ago, there is a statistics shows that one out of four couples has got divorced in Taiwan. More and more people choose not to get married, and more and more people choose not to have their own children. Gradually, the tradition we so called has been changed; to get married or to have kid is no longer a necessary stage in our life. People have studies about how this happen, and they discover some reasons, such as modern society makes people prefer quality life, women want more to live their own life more independently, and now, we have this new excuss that the economic is bad, cannot afford to have kid or get married; or, they don't believe in marriage or they don't want to get divorced.

People I know who got divorced for reasons that I believe non of us wants it to happen. My oldest cousin got divorced after 13 years marriage, because her husband cheated on her with their next-door neighbor. When they agreed to sing the divorce paper, all of our family were there with her, to defense and protect her. The process of divorcing didn't look good at all, but at least, we made to the final process and helped my cousin to get through it in a little bit better way.

Similar situation happened on a teacher of mine. She didn't get the bless from her family for this marriage, and then she found this ugly's truth by spending most of her life loved him in a totally stupid way. And this ugly truth is that he cannot commit or just put himself to love one woman only. He cheated a lot and spreaded his love to different women at the same time. So now, after so many years, my teacher decided to end this relationship and asked me to go to Thailand with her to divorce this guy.

I know I should show my support to go to Thailand with her and I am sure she needs somebody to stay with her when the divorce is processing. But for me, divorce isn't a good thing, and I know it's too superstitious to belive that divorce can bring bad luck. Thus, despites my support, I don't really want to go to Thailand, because somehow, I don't think it's an interesting place to go since I have heard too many bad things about it. Okay, I am sure that it's me who is having this stupid stereotype, but it is just something in my blood. I couldn't just get rid off it. Besides, if I am going there for enjoy my life, I think it's easier, but hell, I am going there to help my teacher to get divorced. The first thing came out of my dad's mouth when I told him that I might leave to Thailand to help my teacher to process her divorce, is that "it's a bad thing to do". Divorce is a bad thing!!! And again, how the hell I know what that guy is capable of when I am in his territory!

Humm, okay, lets say I have ran out of luck these days and I don't think I will want to have more bad luck. However, to look from the other side, maybe I am helping her to get out of this miserable marriage. Oh well, but I don't think I will get any luck by stepping myself into Thailand tho....damn, it's so torturing!!

Is divorce really a bad thing? To be honest, it's a good thing for my cousin to get divorced so that she could meet this wonderful husband now. But I have heard a case that some woman killed herself after divorcing because that's how she realized that she counldn't leave without her husband even he hited her a lot of time. Thus, I really think it's hard to say, although in our culture, we believe that divorce is not a good thing.

Anyways, I really don't know what to do!! Maybe I won't have to go with her in the end....


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