It's been a long time I did not do something new, maybe it's since I left USA. I meant did something that I never thought of doing it for some/no purpose. A lot of time, I just do what I should do, it's more like a routine. Wake up, brush my teeth, read newspaper, eat breakfast, (go to work), eat lunch, (take a nap maybe), have a cup of tea, eat dinner, watch movies, read some book, chat online, write my blog, and then go to sleep. Nothing special, nothing particulary.

Thus, the most breakthrough recently was that I went to temple to pray for a red line. And I shared this thing with me best friend, G, who is a totally European knows nothing about Taiwanese culture (probably a little bit about Japanese because of porns...oops, sorry.)

It was funny to talk about this with G, because that's how I realized that there are so many fun things/customs we could actually intruduce with foreigners. A lot of time, we found ourselves know many things about Western culture from movies, magazines, or the Internet. However, these foreigners don't really know much about us!! For a long time, I really thought that there is nothing very funny to talk about our culture with foreigners, and I guess it's because we are living in it, and somehow we forget how interesting it can be. Like when I explained this God of marriage, red line, and how to pray to G, I was so surprised to see G's reaction. He was astonished about the meaning and how this thing works...and he found it's so interesting to know this special custom which you will never find in western culture. And for me, I suddenly realized that how everything becomes so meaningful which I was taken it for granted without having any interest to talk about it.

I meant it's fun for me now by thinking through the meaning of custom we have. But it's a little hard to explain to foreigners without having a correct English name for the stuffs we used. For example....


How do you call this, 筊? And how do you call 聖筊 or 笑筊?
Well, I only can explain that if the God says yes for what you ask, the sign will be like the picture in the middle. If the Gods says no, you will get the sign like the 1st and 3rd picture.


Red line? Does it call red line? I don't know the correct name. But I explained that it's the line to link between a girl and a boy, the line will be linked by the God of marriage. If you pray for this red line, it means a side of the red line has been tighten on your finger, and the God of marriage will bring the line to the guy who he thinks he is meant to be yours, and then tight the other side on this guy's finger. Hence, it will help both of you to connect each other, and finally get together.

... so that everything seems to make sense!! Why we got the red line from the God of marriage? How we get the respond from our God?

I also told G that if he comes to Taiwan, I will surely bring me to meet the God of marriage so that he could ask for a line which links between him and his girlfriend. He's so happy to hear that and would like to give it a try tho. Well, lets not arguing if this red line could be a fact or not, but we cannot deny that it is something that presents part of our culture. Personally, I don't really believe too much in God. I don't pray a lot or do a lot of things to serve God, but I do have some faith that there is something there helping us from time to time; Something that we cannot recognize litterally. Thus, maybe the God of marriage does exist, and maybe he does give a little hand there!


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