The weather is extremely weird these days because all the sudden, it became cold with pouring rain, and thunders. Maybe it's the sign of spring's coming, but does wind blow like that without typhoon??

There was one year, we had a big ass typhoon which is so big that caused a lot of demage in Taipei. That time, many people got cold because the temperature went down so quick, and I am the type of person who got cold whenever others' do (because of my nose allergy). Hence, I got cold and I felt like it's better that I go to clinic first, in case the government announced that everybody doesn't have to go to work. Everything was okay when I go to the clinic, it just has some wind and little rain. But hell, the typhoon started to turn stronge on my way back home. The wind went so crazy (heard that it's about 7 degrees wind that typhoon brought), and the rain was almost like needle when it hit on my body. It was so hard to walk on the street and everything looked like being tearing. Me, my mom, and my nephew were all screaming because we couldn't against the wind by walking, and we were kinda afraid that something might fly toward us. That's the very first time, I felt my home is so freaking far away even it's just around the corner and we just couldn't reach there because of the strong wind. Thus, we gave up our umbrellas, I held my nephew tight, and waited for a better timing to run all the way into the alley. It was so crazy and I gotta hold my nephew so tight so that he wouldn't fly away or get hurt. Hell, this kid was laughing all the way because he thought it's much better than just swimming. That was the most crazy thing I did to walk outside when it's typhoon.

I don't know what's happening but the wind is so strong these days even there is no typhoon. And this afternoon, I was on my way back home, the weather is still bad with rain and strong wind. However, it is not last for a long time so people could still walk on the street. So, here came a strong wind toward me, I couldn't hold my umbrella well to agaist the wind, but I still have to hold it tight or it will be blown away. And then finially, the wind is gone nowhere, I could hold up my umbrella. I look up, there is a blonde guy foreigner who is laughing at me.....hell, what the hell are you laughing at?? Okay, my hairs are flying everywhere, I was having a hard time to fight with the wind, I couldn't walk proper to look what's in front of me, and hell no, I didn't hit what are you laughing at??? So what? You are tall, you are holding a better/stronger umbrella, you are blonde, you didn't have hard time to walk under this kinda what? How dare you laughed at me!!

Hahaha, just kidding, it was an "embrassment" smile~


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