I used to love this song "breakaway" by Kellyclarkson when I was in USA. I felt like I was all alone in USA, and I had tried to make something different for myself, because I made a wish, took a chance, amd made a change to go all the way to USA.

It took me about 18 hours flight, and 2 stops to arrive the airport near our school. It was the very first time that I took the plane that far by myself, but it's weird that I never feel any fear, and I promised myself that I would not go back to Taiwan during Chirstmas because it's killing me to be stuck on the plane for so long, especially UA's seats are not that comfortable. Anyways, Michigan, USA somehow became the 2nd home of mine, because I stayed there for around one year without leaving, and it's the 2nd country I stayed the longest (sure, Taiwan is the top one).

I got into a lot of problems after I got back to Taiwan from USA because my family all thought that I left my mind/brain/heart in USA. Well, it's because I talked about how great my life there and how much I would love to go "back" to USA again, even gee, I am totally NOT USA citizen. My family even thought that I was brain washed, but hell no, I was just expressing my feeling for what Taiwan doesn't have, flat, wide land, so blue sky, small tension and pace.....blah blah blah...all the words that my family doesn't like to her because they totally believed that I would escape to USA some day soon!

After so many years I got back to Taiwan, the feeling to go back to USA isn't as stronge as before, but it's still the perfect place for me to go if I feel like escaping. A lot of times, my friends told me that I really don't act like a Taiwanese because some of my thoughts. My uncle even said that I look like a totally different person when I speak in English. And then, I seem to be tagged as a "weirdo" name tag on my face. Thus, sometimes I think I might be a so called banana who has yellow skin outside, but inside of me, I seem to be white somehow. I even joked to my friends that maybe I was an American in my last life, and hell, one of my friend even agrees with this joke!

I have been working for about 3-4 years since I graduated, and I got a lot of problems to deal with people at work. My friends and I thought that myabe I am not suitable to work in Taiwan because maybe a straightforward thought will be much easier for me to work with. If you ask me if I want to work in USA or Canada, I would definately say yes to you, but everybody knows that it's never been an easy thing to find a work there, especially I don't have green or maple card, and I don't have anybody to garantee for me, or I don't have any great credit to make me look good tho.

Besides, for legal point of view, I belong to Taiwan! I don't find any belongness outside of Taiwan now. Yet, I am not saying "au revoir" to anybody. Anything is still possible for me, it's just the time not coming yet!


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