There was a news couple days ago talking about a parents are prepare to sue a doctor, due to over 10 times exams, the doctor didn't find out their daughter only has half of right arm. And they did doubt about how come they never saw baby's right arm when they saw ultrasoni picture, the doctor always told them everything would be fine and nothing to worry about. However, after the baby was born, the baby girl does miss half of her right arm. And the excuss that doctor gave this parents is that "ultrasoni cannot prove everything".

Well, here, I don't want to judge anything about this case, but I do think that the doctor should be more careful, because being a doctor is about saving lives.

The thing is I was thinking "what if they did find out the baby girl doesn't have half of her right arm? what will they do?" The medical is actually very good now in Taiwan, a lot of pre-exams can help pregnant women to know if their babies are in good health or if they do have some disability or whatever may affect their living. When I was in high school, one of my teachers even suggested us to do a certain exam if we are pregnant someday in the future. She said, it's a very good exam to know baby's health. Okay, that's a good suggestion, because if we can find something wrong with the baby before she/he is born, maybe we could do something in advance to heal/treat her/him.

However, what if it is some disease that cannot be cured and it will probably stay with him/her for the rest of the life? Will you give him/her up?? What is your decision?

To think in this way, if you give up the baby, he/she will not probably suffer too much after he/she come to this world. However, every baby is a life, can you give it up like that? Can you call it a murder if you did give up the baby?

I really don't know what's the best solution for this kinda case. And I am sure it's a great dilemma that non of us can make decision in any easy way.

Well, it's truely an interesting question we should sometimes ask ourselves because it does happen in our world. There are a lot a lot of things that can somehow make us think more, and then treasure more of what we have. Thus, take some times to look around, and I am sure that there must be something that can inspire you or add some colors in your life.


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