5 dishes and one soup, it's pretty awesome for lunch at home. My mom is a very good housewife who always prepare many dishes for family. No matter how many people will attend the meal, she always prepare at least 3 dishes plus one soup. Sometimes, it's even not strange to see two soups tho.

Anyways, since I am still wondering around, my mom is very happy that she could finally sneak out to do her own stuffs without cooking. So, yeah, there were three dishes you see from the picture cooked by me. Let me show you~


This is vegetable..........err.....I didn't really put many olive oil or other oil, but it's still shiny!! Because my camera is gooooooooooooooooooooooooood...lol kidding!


I cannot say I cooked the whole thing, because I just simply put it into the electric pot. However, I cut the meat into pieces and also the green onion....it's actually saulty meat, taste very good with green onion tho!!!


Another vegetable...pretty much the same way with the other one...it's really not greasy... I think it's probably the light problem!!

We don't like greasy food so what we cook cannot be that greasy tho! Anyways, I think what I cook doesn't look that bad tho by looking at these pictures. How can I say?! Humm...everybody has different tastes, so lets not judge if it taste good or not...lol...peace!


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