Everybody needs some friends, doesn't need a lot, but does need somebody be with you whenever you need. There are so many things happening in our life which you are able to share the moment with somebody you think is suitable for you. What I meant is that something you can share with some friend, but other things you feel like you can only share with others.

For instance, I have this friend in my new work, we share a lot of things together at work because that's what we got in common, and no one else understand work things better than us. We complain, bitch, cheer up, support, and help each other as much as we could. Thus, I only have feeling to talk about work with this friend. And I am so glad that I have someone to fight with me, to stand in the same position, and give me a hand when she feels I need.

Another friend I know for years from the Internet, we share a lot of thoughts together from time to time, and ask for help whenever we need some suggestions. We do share some most private things sometimes, because somehow we understand very well that no matter how bad this thing is, we will never judge each other, but offer our support to each other. And that's totally what made two of us best friend in a virtual world.

We do need friends, who can support us in different parts of life, and also we all play different roles for our friends. Something that this friend is willing to share with you, and some other things this friend will never mention to you. It's very normal, and nothing to blame about.

I am not sure if it's the case for you, but there is one thing that I barely mention to anybody, even the best friend I know from the Internet. This thing has been hiden in my for months which I somehow refuse to share with anybody. I sometimes asked myself why I refuse to talk about it, is it I am afraid? is it I don't want to share with anybody? is it I just enjoy having this feeling with myself only? Seriously, this never happened to me, I usually find someone to talk to, or even I try to hold this thing with me, I never made it. However, this particular thing, I do inisit not to tell anybody, but keep it in my mind. And to be honest, I seem to enjoy torturing myself by not letting it go.

Last time, my friend at work asked me about who is the person called you. I know I might have chance to tell her, but I held it, and I knew myself was talking about it in a very weird way, as if it's something she shouldn't ask. So, I held the feeling, but I felt deep inside my heart that I was screaming to want to release it all, to speak everything out, to yell that "fuck, why it's so hard to make it?" However, another stronger voice in my mind spoke in a very reasonal and calm way, "no, trust me, you don't want to talk about it, and you should keep it in yourself." So, I passed, and still this thing is kept safely in me. For so long, I haven't found anybody suitable to talk to.


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