There is a scary story about gastric cancer happen on a 20 years old man, due to great stress and bad eating behavior.

Since I start to work in this company, I have constant stomachache almost every day. I used to have stomachache problem when I was young and most of time, it caused by stress. It did make me feel very uncomfortable whenever it happens, and also it affects my eating (although it helps me eat less, still not a good way to be on diet). It is really not good tho!

I think under this kinda bad economy, lay-off, and working conditions did bring tons of preasure to a lot of people. And a lot of complications appear, such as unknown headache, stomachache, losing hairs, or others. Therefore, there are a lot of classes helping people to take it easy, to release their stress. Before Chinese New Year holidays ended, I read an article about release the stress. It teaches people to listen to musics, singing, or doing exercise. But I think it does depend!

The best way I think is to do something you like, because when you do something you like, it can distract you from bad feeling, and be easier to bring you some happiness. I did have bad time at work for the past few weeks, and I did do a lot of ways try to adjust my feelings. I talked to people, listened to musics, watched movies, drew, and finally, the best way is actully you need to think thing through! I meant to do those things you love do really distract you from those problems, but things will never be solved if you don't face them and think them through!!

Our shipping told me today that this morning, she suddenly thought everything through and got ready to move on. She didn't really get any help from others, but she made it by herself. I am so happy for her, because I feel so much about her relief and the happiness does go back to her face!

Therefore, no matter what you are facing now, please do not give up! Try to find a way out, and don't think it's gonna be the end of the world. As long as you want, things can be solved in the end, it just need to take a longer time, maybe! Stress cannot be avoided sometimes, so try to treat yourself a little bit nice. Don't be too hard on yourself! I understand very well that it's very easy to say, but super hard to do it!! However, you still have to keep on going and try your best to make your life easier and even better, after all, no one can live your life. It's yours!!

So everybody, go go go and do your best! Lets live our lives!


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