I had a dream last night, and I really wonder if it will come true or it is just a dream!

Well, yeah, this dream has pretty big influence on me. Mostly, it's because I wish it's not going to be true. If it become true, I guess it will really make me feel pain a lot!

To be honest, I do dream a lot whenever I have many things in mind, and I hate it because it makes me hardly have enough sleep. And somehow, I deeply when I dream too much, that means I am kinda torturing myself by keep too many things in my brain, so it also means that I need to adjust myself.

When I worked in China, there were two times that I dreamed about my relatives pass away. And those two dreams did freak me out that time. In the very time, I dreamed that my grandpa (father's side) pass away again (he has gone already). It made me feel very weird, and I couldn't keep wondering what would happen when I had this kinda dream! And sadly, something unhappy did happen that time. Not long after that dream, I had the second dream that my grandpa (mother's side) almost pass away, and sure, it freaked me out a lot. But nothing serious really happened after that!! However, I still think that this kinda dream will never bring something good tho.

About this dream I had last night, it did make me feel so disappointed and sad in the dream tho. No matter what happen, I really hope it will never come true tho, or even something like this!! Please, just don't!


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