I heard that Valentine's day is coming! Do you have any plan?

Well, two years ago, I worked in my first job. There were over 100 women working in that company and in our floor, we had around 70 women. It was a garment company so there is kinda normal that most of your coworkers are female. In garment/textile industry in Taiwan, it's sort of a curse that most of females employees have less chances to get involved in any relationship if you do not have boyfriend before you work in this company. Therefore, there is a saying that if you want to get a boyfriend and get married as eariler as possible, make sure that you get a good boyfriend first before you work there, or you don't even try to get into that kinda company!

Is it true? It is! Why? To be honest, it's really not a curse. It's just in garment industry, employees have higher chance to work over time because their works require a lot of details. So, in that company, you could find some old ladies who don't have a boyfriend don't expect to get married but stay single for the rest of their life! There...valentine's day came, and most of us didn't expect to see any romantic thing happen in the company, but we still kinda teasing each other coz we all intend to work over hours again to kill this "not our day". However, there is always surprise! A lady who we thought that she doesn't have boyfriend got flowers!! Eveybody was having a "hoooo" and "wow" to that lady and trying our best to teasing her so bad. It was actually fun tho!!

But, when it came to the end of the day, everybody tended to stay quiet! For me, I never really spend Valentine's day with anybody, even when I have boyfriend. So, I just got used to it to live without this "not my day". But in that particular year, this day seemed to a stitch to me! You could see people on the street holding folowers, or couples hugging each other. which somehow became so annoying! Thus, I ran all the way back home, and did my best to avoid this stupid topic about "why you are not spending your day with someone? Are you going anywhere? Come on, tell us where you are going? Do you have a boyfriend?" Seriously, why don't you mind your own business? So I kicked their ass, and ran all the way back home! Hahaha

This year, I still don't plan anything. Maybe send some wishes as before!!

Happy Valentine's day to everybody....a too early wish! ha!


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