This girl is the most special friend I have ever had, because she has this special personality that non of them would happen among the friends I have.

Without spending too much time on talking with her lover on the phone, she is a very talkative, open-minded, straightforward, thoughtful, and funny friend. It is actually not a very easy thing to understand what she said in the first time I met her because she has this strong Thai accent. I remember the first time we had our first dinner together outside of the campus in a Japanese restaurant, it was kinda frustrated for me that I didn't quite follow what everyone was saying, coz we have a girl from Georgia, a guy from Malaysia, and another two from Thailand (so one of these two is the friend I am talking about). They got used to speak English already because the Georgia girl speaks English in her country sometimes, this Malaysian guy stayed in Australia for couple years, and these two Thai studied in USA over 4 years that time. As for me, that was my very first time to really use my poor English, so I was kinda pissed that I didn't quite understand them well, so I did ask them for teaching me English. But in the end, I found out that it's not really my problem because we all have different accents which are caused by our monther language, it's just needed to take some more time to get used to the tune!

Well, I don't really remember how this Thai girl, P,  became my best friend there. But we did accidently take the same course, communication, in the first semester. And her dorm wasn't that far from me, so we went to that course together. This course was supposed to be a good one because it is communication, so I guessed this professor wouldn't be too hard on foreign students, due to in her first class, she taught us about culture differences and we should all respect them. Thus, she just gave me this wrong imagine of her course. P and I were kinda released that this professor seemed to be nice enough to understand that we are totally NOT native people when comes to use their language. It turned out that thing did not go so great because I guess my expression in my assignment every week didn't satisfiy her and she didn't really want to give me a hand at all, even graded me ZERO for my speach in the "accent" column (I really don't get it why accent has to be counted in a speach, I meant "women, don't you have accent yourself?"). P was doing okay in that course coz she didn't really give it a shit about her grad but just passed the god damn exam. However, I had my pressure coz if I failed any course, I would need to spend another year to re-take the course in Taiwan which is never so fun! Thus, I guess that's how we became very good friends, and mostly because I had to remind her that she needed to turn in how many articles to professor.

We met two very cool Afircan American friends once together, and it's truely a very interesting experience. Mostly, it's because we met them on campus at 1am and it's because both of us couldn't sleep, we went out to play basketball and thought that it could help us get to sleep from tiredness. And these two friends were there because they almost fell asleep from studying, they thought of going out to take a walk. They are every good friends with each other because they live across the hall in the same floor, and they took some courses together. The girl was very active and talkative, so she just couldn't stop herself by making jokes with us. On the contrary, the guy was a bit shy but very good at playing basketball, so we became friends who always said hi when we met on campus, and laughed together sometimes. It was a very strange but fun night tho! Till now, me an P still thought that we were lucky to make friends with them because it's usually not an easy thing to be good friends with them if you don't have proper chance.

P and I did have very great experience together, and she did teach me a lot of things that I never knew before. She threw a party for new foreign students so that we could hang out together, and she brought me to bars to train me become a good drinker after couple times, but it seemed that I became a very good driver to drive them home in the end. We also loved to go out around midnight to get some bites, or drove all the way to Detroit just to feel the differences between the bars in Detroit and Flin. We even travelled together to Chicago, and somehow didn't really do anything there. Ha...

The worst experience ever is the time we hanged out in a bar in Detroit. To be honest, I don't really like bar there because the facility isn't really that good, but it didn't really matter coz I was hanging out with my good friends. But why it's the worst one ever? Let me tell you! P and our another Malaysian friend love to go to this bar a lot because girls there are HOTTER so that night, P hitted on a girl (oops, yes, P is a Lesbian...male side) who seemed to be a kinda manager in that bar and many guys actually dancing around her like butterflies (seemed not a good expresson but who cares). This hot girl didn't (of course) pay attention to P at all which pissed P off a lot, so she needed to drink. That Malaysian guy friend suddenly turned to a fun guy (in an abnormal way..ha) who got teased by some girls from nowhere (really, they just took his rubber band from his hairs ... he just lost it), and then he also became a very good customer of the bald bartender, so in this strange case, he was way TOO happy and needed to drink a lot. Therefore, these two people pulled themselves a lot of drinks from everywhere, and I just looked at these two funny people drink as much as they wanted till 2am when it's time to get your ass out of the bar.

Sure, till that time, these two people knew nobody but sang and talked by hanging on each other to the car. Shit, shit, shit, I don't know how to drive back to P's place in Detroit so I gotta yell at P and make sure she didn't fall asleep or tell me to hit the wall by pointing the road everywhere. Of course, under this situation, she wouldn't have a good mood for my yelling, and after 5 mins, she passed out!!! Shit shit shit again!! After 10 mins in lost, I seemed to know where we were but I still gotta find a way out. Shit shit shit.....I heard a very annoying voice from the back....okay, one down and the smell was filled in the SUV very soon! Fuck, Malaysian guy puked, so I was forced to open my window, even it's freezing outside. After two mins, shit shit shit shit shit, P puked and she just puked right next to me. What's worst is that she puked on her cell phone which was suppoed to be in her hand. I was soooooooo pissed but luckily, I had P's cousin's phone number in my cell phone, so I could ask him to come back to the bar and show me the direction, so I called and pulled my car near the road.

No doubt, I would rather freeze myself to make the phone call outside of the car. After I was trying so hard to explain to P's cousin where we were, I saw the door of the SUV was open and a dumb head reached outside of the door, and then PUKE again. Hahaha, the funny part is that the Malaysian guy just hanged his head between the doors without moving for total 10 mins. I was so surprised that he just can put his head there and his mouth still had some stuffs he puked (hahaha....dude, don't you feel cold?). And all the sudden, he raised his head a little bit and looked at me for a moment, then, he closed the door (hahaha). Well, the funny part was gone coz I gotta sit back to the car and kept driving by following P's cousin's car.

We had to yell at two drunk people to get into the house after we arrived. And P was too drunk to know where the hell she was, and she was so in emergency needed to pee so she just did it straightly right after she stepped out of the car (hahaha). After we got into the house, these two funny people then sit so close together and slept on the sofa. For one moment, it's so fun to look at these two people sitting so close together very first time (also the only time) in their life, but shit shit shit, the Malaysian guy puked again, and this time, his action wasn't fast enough so he puked on himself and then went back to sleep directly without even moving a little bit (lol).

So can you belive that? These two people got drunk because P was too pissed and Malaysian guy was too happy!! Man, and I had to stand two people puking in the car while I was driving, but I was very glad that it's NOT my car, or I would just kill them immediately by kicking them out of the car!

If you don't know P well, you would probably think she is a playboy in lesbian because she did have some girlfriends back in Thailand. But in fact, she isn't and she till now only loves a girl. This girl is a model in Thailand having this freak mother who strictly requests her daughter not to eat. P got this girl when P went back to Thailand during X'mas that year and then this relationship turned P into a totally phone-acoholic. She truely spent 27 hours on the phone with her gf. Sometimes, it was so great that we had chance to spend time together to eat outside in the restaurant, but she was always on the phone with her girlfriend. Thus, I always felt like I was just going out with myself coz I ate alone. And her girlfriend is also a bit crazy to stick with her every second without giving her a break or just get jealous for nothing. Thus, when P was out of the phone, we mostly were talking about her relationship and guessing why they broke up, came back, broke up, came back, broke up, got together again and again!! Seriously, this circle never end till now and P is still crazy for her even this girl got married and carried a baby!

P is actually a very thoughtful friend without this crazy girlfriend. She brought you some food from the restaurant she worked for, she carried heavy things for you when we went shopping, she drove you around the city to show you something new, she took you to malls for shopping, she talked to you when you were not in a good mood, she joked a lot to make everybody laugh, and she is just a very good friend who wouldn't mind to give!

We call each other "dude" and we said whatever we want to each other without feeling offended...yes, we swear a lot to each other! We had very great time together in USA, and for thousand times, she told me she will come to see me in Taiwan and I gotta get her a girl (haha~). Seriously, she is a really a true friend of mine although now we are far apart and busy for our work!

I hope she can find a better girlfriend to spend the rest of her life together!! Good luck, dude!


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