Have you ever wanted to suicide? I had. When we heard the news about some people killed themselves because of certain reason, we might feel it's not a right attitude to settle thing, or we don't think their reason isn't worth enough for them to do so.

Maybe I am wrong, but maybe I am right about it.

Somehow, I could understand why people sometimes will think of killing themeslves. When I feel the pain in my heart and I couldn't stop it, I feel like ending my life could be the easiest way to end this pain. And I just feel like I cannot resist the eagar to stop this pain by killing myself.

Therefore, that's maybe the reason why some people gave up themselves.

Deep inside my heart, I think I can understand why! And yes, I never figured out the way to stop the pain in my heart yet. Although I also believe that time will heal, the faith I have is so little.

The other day I watched this movie, the police asked the woman how she got it over about her boyfriend's death. And her answer is so simple and direct, "you just don't".

Yes, bro....I just don't!


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