I have my own bed since I was a kid. My first bed was in my parents' room, right next to the wall. Above the wall, there was big window so when I couldn't sleep, I could peek outside. But sometimes, I would be afriad that some ghost hide behind my curtains, so that window became my scary window. My bed was of course a single bed, but didn't really fill with dolls. As I recalled, the only thing could sleep with me on that bed was my mom.

Until my 5th grad in elementary school, we moved to a bigger apartment, so I have my own room. Not surprise, it is a single bed and right next to a wall. And there is also a big window above the wall, but the other side of the window is our living room. One day, I was planning to move my bed to change the decoration in my room. Due to the room isn't big, I only could move my bed to the other side without closing to the wall. I remembered I was crying for help after one night, just because I feel very insecure to sleep without wall. Thus, I moved my bed back to where it was, and never planned to redecorate my room any more.

When I was in China, I had this KING size bed, and a big room! I did not really have any feeling about my new bed. I even sometimes found it's annoying because I needed to roll two rounds to reach my alarm. Therefore, you can image that I sure slept the side next to the wall in those 9 months. The side which made me feel secure! Later, I found that I don't like big bed at all, because when I woke up every morning, what I found was another empty side, totally empty, which appears exactly how lonely I was.

I stayed on a queen size bed without closing any wall for one week. It was a bit crowded and noisy, but I never slept that well when it's not the place I am not familiar with. I did not feel any insecure, or unable to sleep; I slept so deep and quiet (maybe). Everything was in peace, and the most special part is that there was a cute dog coming to check if you were awake or not in the morning. I love to lie on that bed, and listened to what happened around me after I awaked. I heard the sound a person roll over, the dog stretch her body, or scratch herself, cars drive pass the windows, and people walk or running upstairs. The sound is never annoying, but giving me a feeling of peace. Nothing seems to be matter when I lie on that bed, even it's the big bed I dislike. It's like the whole world freezes there for me to appreciate it.

Tonight, I lay on my bed in this small room. Maybe it's a single bed and maybe it's a small room, but I am secured. Somehow, I got used to sleep on the side, make my back face the wall, so when my face faces to the left, maybe I will see your face one day again.


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