It's very cold in Taiwan these days, and the temperature should be the lowest than the past 10 years. The coldness is very different from America, even the temperature there can reach below zero. Somehow, you feel more freeze in Taiwan, probably because Taiwan is surrendered by sea.

There were about dozen of people freeze to death in Taiwan for the past few days, and tons of people are suffering from flu, and it's not easy to recover. In my family, everybody is having running nose and throatache. We all went to clinic to get some medicine every three or four days. It seems that the flu is never going away. And the flu spreads also very fast, when there is a case happening in the family, soon the rest will be infected.

So, here, I hope everybody will take care of yourself, and wear more warm clothes no matter you are at home or outside, especially it will be more freeze tomorrow. And for those who got cold already like me, make sure you drink enough warm water, and take your medicine in time.

Be good ^^


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